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Dancing Moon Records

Dancing Moon

  Dancing Moon is Record Label releasing Electronic Music. Dancing Moon Record label is also sub label of Sound Lab label.   Dancing Moon record label release in 300 stores worldwide ( Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, AudioJelly, Traxsource...) and many many more. If you … [Read More...]


Techno Recharge

Techno Recharge

Music genre: Techno Beatport exclusive release date: 01.09.2014. Release date all stores: 15.09.2014. Tracklist: Since Then & Abnormalboy - Undertone Erik Exidos - 2smr Twist3d - Anonymous (Since Then & Nelixus Remix) Edself - Pink & Floyd Vincenzo Varagone - Deep … [Read More...]


Music Is My Multivitamin

Music Is My Multivitamin Ep

Music genre: Tech House Beatport exclusive release date: 17.07.2014. Release date all stores: 31.07.2014. Tracklist: Lucas Augilera, Silvina Romero & Angel Venek - Aiden (Original mix) Vincenzo Varagone - Boom boom boom (Original mix) Rex - Who stole the soul (Original … [Read More...]